Thursday, April 14, 2011

Placid beach

State parks in Washington provide little opportunity for serious hiking or climbing, but they’re just right for leisurely strolls. I was on the Key Peninsula for a story and had some time to kill while waiting for a woman to return to her Lakebay home (futilely, as it turned out) so I moseyed down to Joemma Beach, which was within a block of the waterfront house.

It was a rare sunny day and the water was cool and calm, disturbed only by an occasional ripple from a pair of brown geese paddling by. The 122-acre marine park features big, eroding hillsides, a thin swath of both pebble and sand shoreline and hazy views of peaks in the distance. Standing on the pier – where many apparently come for crabbing – was an awfully pleasant way to pass the time.

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