Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rainy in the Hoh

The day was cold and wet - what better to do than visit the Hoh Rain Forest? I've already plugged through the moss-laden trees and slept beside the river on the approach to Mount Olympus, but this was just a side trail, a minor detour on the day we pointed the car for home. It's dubbed the Trail of Mosses and it's kept short for tourists who want to get out of the vehicle but don't want to expend a tremendous amount of energy (we're talking less than a mile here).

Everything was bright green, a sharp contrast to the dreary gray day. Even the water contained clumps of electric green moss. The trail made a quick loop through the forest, offering interpretive signs and views of maple groves and natural arches growing overhead. Just the right walk to wave goodbye to the Olympics.

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