Saturday, November 26, 2011

A trickle of a waterfall

Location: Greenwater

Distance: 3.6 miles

Icy roads can foil even the most meticulously made plan. We had our sights set on Arch Rock, which sounded like a lovely opportunity to whittle away 12 miles on a rainy day. But after just a few miles on a forest road, dodging obnoxious snowmobilers speeding in the opposite direction and hogging the lanes, the ice and snow forced us to reconsider our final destination and turn around. After driving through Greenwater in search of any trailhead, we found ourselves in a parking lot signed Camp Sherman.

I didn’t expect much from a trail starting at a Boy Scout camp, and I wasn’t wrong. The first .6 miles were dubbed Moss of the Trees and it was a flat loop marked every few feet with a number. I nearly regretted my decision to hike as my partner made a game of yelling out the number as we passed by. Luckily, we quickly found another junction and a sign pointing us toward Snoquera Falls. The distance was far less than I had wanted but I never turn down a chance to see a waterfall.

The massive granite face was impressive and listening to the creek added a peaceful, easy feeling to the outing. As beautiful as the falls were, however, they had slowed to a trickle and hardly any water splashed down over the granite. I’m assuming spring is the time to visit Snoquera Falls when the snowpack is starting to melt off. Something to remember in a few months!

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