Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nothing to Squak about

This trail didn't look exciting from the get-go but it met the basic requirements for a before-work jaunt: less than an hour drive, at least eight miles and minimal elevation gain to ensure I make it back with time to spare.

Squak Mountain is a state park in Issaquah and has a network of trails that can add up to eight miles. There was no one else in the parking lot when I set out at 6 a.m. but the babbling brooks kept me company. It was
a pleasant enough hike through a tidy forest.

After a few miles and about 1,000 gain, I stumbled over the one interesting sight: an abandoned fireplace. There were no other clues about what building had once been there but it's clear the fireplace still saw some use as it had fresh ash and broken beer bottles at its base.

The trail swooped upward a little more before I found myself hugely disappointed and staring at an electrical substation. Chain link and metal towers took over the trees and brush that had drawn me out in the first place. So I turned around and lost myself in the maze a bit longer before hightailing it out of the park.

Note to self: stay away from parks!

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