Friday, May 6, 2011

Peaceful pillars

This is my own heaven on earth.

Vantage is in Eastern Washington, set along the Columbia River in the middle of an expansive desert. It's the most popular rock climbing spot in the state, for good reason. The basalt pillars offer easy grips and breathtaking scenery. There are 700 routes spread out over miles and you can climb for hours without seeing another soul. Even the clouds are more majestic here. Here are a few shots:

LEFT: It's a pretty good mix of sport and traditional routes in Frenchman Coulee. The climber on the left is reaching into a chalk bag mid-climb.

RIGHT: This was one of the first sport climbs I did. For those of you who think climbing is dangerous, proof is to your right that all precautions are taken. This is the anchor I used so I could hang upside and take pictures before rappelling down.

LEFT: A view of the campsite from atop a pillar.

RIGHT:Getting from climb spot to spot sometimes means navigating between rock walls. Think 127 Hours...

LEFT: Peace settling in for the eve.

RIGHT:Looking out from the bottom
of the valley.

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